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LTS meeting schedule for 2024 has been published

Hello everyone!

I have just published the 2024 meeting schedule [0]. As always, meetings
are scheduled for 14:00 UTC on the fourth Thursday of the month, except
for December*. For those of you who can use an ICS file, there is a new
2024.ics file with all of the meetings listed in it.



* The fourth Thursday in December 2024 is the 26th, which is the day
  after Christmas. Since Christmas is a national holiday for nearly all
  of us and taking the days between Christmas and New Years off from
  work is relatively common, I moved the December 2024 meeting one week
  earlier to December 19th (similar to what we are doing with the
  December 2023 meeting).

[0] https://lts-team.pages.debian.net/wiki/Meetings.html

Roberto C. Sánchez

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