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Re: Support of Tor in buster LTS

Hi Donald,

Am Samstag, dem 02.12.2023 um 15:33 -0500 schrieb Donald Norwood - Debian Press
& Publicity:
> Hello from the Publicity team!
> We saw this thread earlier this week and started to push out a micronews on 
> the EOL and upgrade suggestion for TOR in bullseye, but decided to wait to 
> see if the same would be applied to buster. It would make more sense to 
> send 1 notice out rather than 2.
> Has there been any other forward movement on this? Should we post the 
> bullseye only information at this point?
> Please let us know when you can.

There were no objections thus I have just marked Tor as EOL in debian-security-
support for Buster. The change will be visible with the next release of debian-
security-support. We would also appreciate an announcement from the Publicity



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