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Debian LTS and ELTS - September 2023

Here is my public monthly report.

Thanks to our sponsors for making this possible, and to Freexian for
handling the offering.


- ruby-loofah & ruby-rails-html-sanitizer
  - Dual upload, as ruby-loofah needed to be adapted so its new
    security functions could used by ruby-rails-html-sanitizer
  - Clean-up ruby-rails-html-sanitizer Git history
  - DLA 3565-1 for ruby-loofah (3 CVEs)
  - DLA 3566-1 for ruby-rails-html-sanitizer (4 CVEs)

- glib2.0
  - Peer review and testing for Santiago's DLA 3583-1

- tiff
  - Additional triage, update fixed CVEs in past uploads
  - Drop from work queue


- glib2.0
  - Peer review and testing for Santiago's ELA 964-1

- tiff
  - Additional triage, vulnerability assessment, update fixed CVEs in
    past uploads
  - Drop from work queue

- libvpx
  - Rebuild Git history
  - ELA-973-1 (1 CVE, stretch & jessie)

Documentation and tooling

- LTS Documentation
  - TestSuites: rails buster update

- Tooling:
  - find-work: display old package in the queue in red
    (following weekly report)

- Team discussions (private GitLab issues)
  - Experimental GitLab issue-based workflow:
    Clean-up and unify my LTS/ELTS check-list
  - Help clarify linux-5.10 status in current tooling
  - Monthly report guidelines comment

- IRC team meeting

Sylvain Beucler
Debian LTS Team

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