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Re: Pre-creating Git repos in salsa.d.o/lts-team/packages/ - or not?


On 07/11/2022 19:08, Anton Gladky wrote:
as you know one of our goals is to keep the git-history of all {E,L}TS
uploads. Some semi-automatic repo creation scripts are in a test phase
to ease this process. I have created some repos and
imported the last available security versions of packages into that.

Sure, if the maintainer of the particular package allows to push security
updates of {E,L}TS process, feel free to do it! Just drop the repo and
change the link in the VCS.

Point is: if the LTS repo already exists, I assume there was a conscious decision /not/ to host it in the maintainer's repo. (Otherwise every contributor would ask the maintainer every time they prepare an upload.)

I think creating the repo is the uploader's responsibility, not the front-desk's or coordinator's.


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