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Pre-creating Git repos in salsa.d.o/lts-team/packages/ - or not?


I see that a few repositories in salsa.d.o/lts-team/packages/ were created for packages that haven't been claimed yet.

(I'm not sure who/what did it exactly, there's activity from "Bot-LTS-package", which may be the 'package-operations' script, then manual activity from Anton.)

That means the repo was created and imported before there was a chance to discuss with the package maintainers whether they want to host the (E)LTS branch there or at another location (such as, their own salsa repo).

I think this adds confusion. When I check the "VCS" field in dla-needed.txt, I assume this is the preferred repository for development, following an explicit decision from a previous contributor who worked on the package - not the result of semi-automation.


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