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Re: Cannot read newsgroups with new Thunderbird

On 10/16/22 3:10 PM, Pascal Hambourg wrote:

On 16/10/2022 at 13:28, Miroslav Skoric wrote:
On 10/15/22 9:50 AM, Pascal Hambourg wrote:

As found on a newsgroup, setting mailnews.nntp.jsmodule=false fixed the issue.

As I am not a programmer, where can I find & fix that line? Tnx.

In settings, general, configuration editor (advanced settings).

Seems that fixed the issue. Thanks!

The next issue (not linked to the new versions only): Whenever I click on a folder group in the folder pane (on the left side), and if happens that there are no messages in the folder, a pop-up window asks me this:

"The newsgroup <group name> does not appear to exist on the host Would you like to unsubscribe from it?". As I do not want to unsubscribe from that newsgroup, it makes me wonder how to prevent that asking? I know that I can click on "Cancel" each time when asked that, but it is annoying because that pop-up window appears every few minutes or so. Very annoying.

And another new thing that seems to appeared recently (I run version 102.3.0 (32-bit): When I click to a message line in the upper right pane (within the same newsgroup), a pop-up window asks me this:

"Would you like to subscribe to <bulletin_id>?" If I press ESC or click on Cancel, that pop-up window disappears, but it appears again as soon as I click on any other message line, asking again whether to subscribe to that message's number, etc. Also very annoying ... Is there a way to disable that feature too?


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