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Re: Closing of buster-backports?


whatever is fine, I can live with both, but:

Am 07.09.22 um 07:37 schrieb Alexander Wirt:
Now that buster is LTS and no longer officially supported, should the
-backports pocket be closed? AFAIK, buster just receives the security
uploads by the -security pocket and shouldn't have -backports open
anymore. I hope I am not mistaken or missing anything?

FTR, packages are still entering the -backports pocket and this
probably needs to stop(!?)
Why should it stop?  If people are willing to do the work to backport a
package, why should it be blocked?  The understanding is that the release as
a whole will not be supported, but voluntary updates will continue.
we (backports ftpmasters) asked that question some time ago. Consensus was that the backports
maintainers doesn't want to support oldstable backports over its lts lifetime.

I would maintain them (by backporting what is in bullseye.

What I surely will not do is to do updates in buster itself, so any security update in buster will probably only be over this way. (Or none, unless the LTS team actually backports the patches, which can be cumbersome even for 7.0.4. Now think of a 6.1.5 :))

For that reason we will close oldstable-backports soon.

What is "soon"?

I have already libreoffice 1:7.0.4-4+deb11u3~bpo10+1 in deferred (should become real on Saturday after the point release adding that 1:7.0.4-4+deb11u3 to stable)

Should I dcut cancel it?



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