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Re: Certbot security update (Bug #969126)

Hi Utkarsh,

Took a look at this and tried to duplicate it by updating my stretch
sbuild to use the security repo in case that did anything.  No joy.
The only difference between our environments now is eatmydata -- which
could explain odd file existance problems, considering.

I think it's good to go as is.


On Sat, Dec 5, 2020 at 6:28 PM Utkarsh Gupta <utkarsh@debian.org> wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 5, 2020 at 11:45 PM Harlan Lieberman-Berg
> <hlieberman@setec.io> wrote:
> > That's not something I've seen before.  Could you send me the build
> > log?  It's probably fine if it happened during the testing stage, but
> > I'd like to double check considering this is going to stable directly.
> Indeed. I've attached the logs.
> Just note that I've snipped in b/w as it already crossed 21k lines :P
> Since all the errors are kind of same, it hopefully wouldn't matter much anyway.
> - u

Harlan Lieberman-Berg

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