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(E)LTS report for October


During the month of October, I spent 20.75h on LTS:

- investigated and addressed security-tracker corruption
- golang-go.crypto analysis and advice
- thunderbird 78 ESR update
- investigated and fixed thunderbird armhf build failure
- investigated thunderbird l10n bug report
- mariadb-10.1 announcement
- firefox-esr 78.4.0 update
- thunderbird 78.4.0 update
- openjdk-8 update
- lts meeting

For ELTS I spent 32h on the following:

- CVE triaging
- openjdk-8 update
- linux 4.9 update
- prepared openjdk-7 update, pending release
- prepared phpmyadmin update, found a regression while testing, still on it
- various security-tracker improvements


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