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Fast CVE history


When working on CVEs, I often query the security-tracker git to better
understand the issue, including checking how recent it is, or finding
explanatory commit messages.

Due to git-blame (and git in general) not handling 20MB+ files well, and
inconsistent commit practices, this can be time-consuming.

I recently experimented with rewriting+updating the Git history to make
this information more directly accessible -- here's my current result!
(`gitk 2020/4050` screenshot attached)

This can also help to check the feasibility of CVE reactivity analysis
which we discussed in the previous meeting.

To make the initial export complete in reasonable time (17h with a
filter implemented in C) and have the result shareable on salsa, I
optimized several things, in particular dropped empty
NOT-FOR-US/RESERVED/REJECTED entries (80% of data/CVE/list).

I'd welcome your feedback, what do you think?


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