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Re: (semi-)automatic unclaim of packages with more than 2 weeks of inactivity (and missing DLAs on www.do)


On 17/08/2020 23:31, Holger Levsen wrote:
> There are three DLAs which have been reserved but not yet been published on
> www.debian.org:
> - DLA 2332-1 (reserved by Sylvain Beucler)

I just uploaded it, I am waiting for the ftp confirmation mail, I didn't
even send it by e-mail yet - don't harass me!! ;)

More seriously, we could add a delay.

Also, I remember we added the uploader name to make it easier for
everybody to notice what needs to be fixed, but for roughly the same
informational value it may be nicer to mention the package name instead.

What script is responsible for this?

- Sylvain

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