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Re: Suggestions for handling of condor update

Hi Roberto,

On 12/07/2020 13:44, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:
> Your feedback on the condor update situation (described below) would be
> appreciated.
> Several weeks ago I prepared updates for condor for jessie (then-LTS),
> stretch, and buster (the latter two still under the security team
> ubmrella) to address CVE-2019-18823.  The description of the fix is "an
> information disclosure of authentication credentials could allow an
> attacker to impersonate an authenticated user and perform actions as
> that user."
> I messaged the security team to seek counsel regarding the best way to
> proceed with the update in stretch and buster with the intent of
> resolving that question before proceeding with the jessie update.  The
> security team asked about what sort of testing had been performed.  Not
> being a user of condor my ability test the changes is limited, and since
> the changes involve the authentication mechanisms, it would perhaps be
> unwise to publish the update without some form of testing.  Thus far I
> have not taken further action.
> One the one hand it seems a shame to discard the prepared update, but on
> the other hand the security team's concern regarding potential
> regressions is quite correct.
> Does anyone have any specific suggestions?  That is, is anyone able to
> offer to test these packages or know someone who might be able to?
> Apart from that, might there be an approach to minimize the possibility
> of a regression?

If not already, I would suggest contacting the Debian package
maintainers since this isn't fixed in unstable yet.
They can also give more pointers.


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