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Re: supported Ruby packages

On 2020, ജൂലൈ 7 7:36:23 PM IST, "Marc Dequènes (duck)" <duck@duckcorp.org> wrote:
>Quack Beuc,
>Long time no quack.
>On 2020-07-06 22:27, Sylvain Beucler wrote:
>> I was reacting to redmine actually.
>Maintainer bit here o/
>Well I have to admit I do not agree with Praveen's conception. The 
>general acceptance in Debian for as long I've been in is that once 
>you're in the maint/uploaders fields you're responsible of the package 
>wherever it is in Debian. I even got slapped one day because I made a 
>mistake in an experimental upload! (but that's extreme crazyness) You 
>can call for help and now you can state your limited involvement in 
>debian-security-support, but you're expected to make problems known in 
>some way. Some even RC-bug their own package to avoid them reaching a 
>It's very interesting because I've been in this team for quite some time 
>and I never knew of this.

I stepped in when the original uploaders removed themselves as uploaders. I will drop myself from uploaders then and help without such strong commitment when I have time.

>Now for Redmine I do care about fixes and security as much as possible 
>(all suites, bpo included), but I clearly cannot be a caretaker for the 
>huge dependency tree lying beyond (except for the few bits where I 
>decided to be in the maint/uploaders fields). I occasionally do a fix 
>when I have time but that's more of the level of oneshot QA upload. I 
>also check things when my DDPO page turns red (very handy).

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