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Re: Update a fork for DLA publishing


Is there a reason why you do not request membership to the salsa
webmaster-team group (as recommended in the wiki)?

I think that'll solve the issue and save everybody's time :)


On 30/06/2020 12:03, Ola Lundqvist wrote:
> Hi LTS team
> When making a DLA published we create a fork of webwml project on
> salsa. When publishing the next DLA I have found no efficient way to
> update the fork with the origin. What I do now is to delete the salsa
> fork (using "salsa del_repo") and make a new fork.
> Does anyone know how to rebase the fork? Or is my way the way to do it?
> Not to rebase is not the best option, since the webmasters asked me to
> rebase last time.
> Also the del_repo and new fork approach only work if I have no pending
> merge requests.
> Best regards
> // Ola

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