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d-s-s in sync in stable, oldstable and oldoldstable (Re: keystone support in Jessie)


On Fri, May 08, 2020 at 10:16:19AM +0100, Chris Lamb wrote:
> In fact, I noticed that OpenStack "lost support from upstream just a
> few weeks after the [Jessie] release" [0], so I've gone ahead and
> proposed that the main OpenStack packages are marked as unsupported,
> mirroring a similar decision made when Wheezy was LTS.

thanks, I merged the commit and uploaded debian-security-support 2020.05.08
(with just this change) to sid, which previously had 2020.04.16.

which brings us to a rather curious situation:

 debian-security-support | 2015.04.04~bpo70+1 | wheezy-backports         | source, all
 debian-security-support | 2015.04.04~deb7u1  | wheezy                   | source, all
 debian-security-support | 2018.01.29~deb7u1  | wheezy-security          | source, all
 debian-security-support | 2018.01.29~deb8u1  | jessie                   | source, all
 debian-security-support | 2019.12.12~deb8u2  | jessie-security          | source, all
 debian-security-support | 2019.12.12~deb9u2  | stretch-security         | source, all
 debian-security-support | 2019.12.12~deb9u2  | stretch                  | source, all
 debian-security-support | 2019.12.12~deb10u1 | buster                   | source, all
 debian-security-support | 2020.04.16~deb10u2 | buster-p-u               | source, all
 debian-security-support | 2020.04.16         | bullseye                 | source, all
 debian-security-support | 2020.05.08         | sid                      | source, all


- buster will get 2020.04.16~ this weekend, after which I had planned to update
  d-s-s in stretch and jessie.
- since today we actually want 2020.05.08 in jessie... (OTOH it's not really
  urgent as this change only documents things which have been like this since
  shortly after the jessie release.)
- of course this is an endless game we should fix somehow (better than we play
  this game now). (There's not even a tracking bug for this yet.)

I guess I will ask the security team whether it's ok to add d-s-s 2020.04.16~ to
stretch with a DSA and then add d-s-s 2020.04.16~ to jessie with a DLA. And I will
ignore wheezy.


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