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Re: python-reportlab: CVE-2019-17626: remote code execution in colors.py


a fix was recently published for this issue. I am concerned that it might
no be fit for a DSA/DLA:

(1) upstream imported a number of snippets from ZPL licensed projects. I
    don't think it respected the ZPL terms.

(2) the changes are large and hard to review. Pretending that these changes
    address the vulnerability completely would be a little bit presumptuous.

    Furthermore, the code imported from Zope provides "safe" evaluation of
    Python code. This kind of code is complex, and prone to security
    vulnerabilities and bugs. There are definitely regressions in there.

I have asked upstream regarding the licensing issue. For the rest, I think
we should wait for followups, or possibly a better patch.

Any comments/advice?


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