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addressing CVE-2018-1311/XERCESC-2188

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I had a look at CVE-2018-1311/XERCESC-2188 with the intention to provide a

This issue seems to be present at several places in the source code:

    $ ag "Janitor<DTDEntityDecl>"
    1535:            Janitor<DTDEntityDecl> janDecl(declDTD);
    3098:    Janitor<DTDEntityDecl> janDecl(declDTD);

    1055:            Janitor<DTDEntityDecl> janDecl(declDTD);
    2134:    Janitor<DTDEntityDecl> janDecl(declDTD);

# Issue summary

A DTDEntityDecl object is allocated and pushed into the ReaderMgr stack.
ReaderMgr does not own the stack's content, so objects neither get freed on
ReaderMgr::popReader(), nor on ReaderMgr::~ReaderMgr().

A janitor is set to avoid leaking memory via the allocated DTDEntityDecl.
Unfortunately the object is freed when the janitor gets out of scope, at
which point a pointer to this object is still present within the stack.

Later this freed pointer is dereferenced and one of its methods is called.
Assuming that the attacker managed to manipulate the heap with the right
timing, this leads to code execution.

The difficulty is that there is currently no good way to fix this: removing
the janitor will lead to a memory leak, and there is no callback called
when the ReaderMgr removes elements from the stack.

# I suggest the following fix:

Add a `bool adopt` parameter to ReaderMgr::pushReader() (default value of
false), and a `RefStackOf<XMLEntityDecl>* fAdoptedStack` private element to
the ReaderMgr class.

Whenever ReaderMgr::pushReader() is called with `adopt` set to true, also
push passed object onto `fAdoptedStack`.

Whenever ReaderMgr::popReader() is called, check whether the object being
removed is on top of `fAdoptedStack`. If so, remove and delete it.

On ReaderMgr::~ReaderMgr(), delete `fAdoptedStack` and all possibly
remaining elements.



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