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Re: Drop support for libqb?

Hi Roberto,

On Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 08:34:52PM -0500, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:
> I am hesitant to file the bugs with the SRMs and to do the jessie
> upload.  I merged the 2019.11.15 tag into the jessie and stretch
> branches.  I also created a new buster branch from that tag.


for jessie, there's no need to go via SRM, *we* are maintaining jessie

for stretch (and buster) I'm pondering whether we should do another
upload to unstable first, as I did a commit yesterday marking chromium
as unsupported in stretch. so I've come to conclude that I'll upload
this right away (it will just delay buster migration by a day) as this
change is pretty good to have for stretch.

> The buster update goes from 2019.06.13..2019.11.15_deb10u1, the stretch
> update from debian/2019.02.01_deb9u1..2019.11.15_deb9u1 and the jessie
> update from debian/2019.02.01_deb8u1..2019.11.15_deb8u1.  The git diffs
> look sane.  However, after building each of the packages and checking
> the debdiffs (against source packages downloaded with debsnap), the
> stretch and jessie packages I built seem to be inducing many more
> changes than those revealed by git diff.

so debsnap is buggy?

and anyway, do we need branches at all? can't you just do commit based
on master with a d/changelog entry and then save this as a tag, but not
as a branch?

> Before I go ahead with pushing changes to salsa, uploading to jessie,
> releasing a DLA, and filing bugs requesting approval to upload to buster
> and stretch, I'd like to make sure that I have gone about all of this in
> the right way.

Good! :)

> What is the best way to facilitate this?  Should I fork
> debian-security-support and push my proposed changes there for you to
> review?

if want, you can surely do this. Even without forking, just create a
branch el_cubano/WIP or some such and I can review that.

> Should I post source packages and debdiffs for review?  Let me
> know how I should proceed.

or that. I'm happy to review basically anything what I can review easily.


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