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Re: ClamAV update in jessie

On Fri, Oct 04, 2019 at 11:37:29AM +0200, Hugo Lefeuvre wrote:
> Ack, I have prepared updates for clamav and the four reverse dependencies,
> currently testing them.


> I plan to upload reverse dependencies as soon as all clamav builds
> succeeded and clamav binary packages are available in the archive. I don't
> think they would build if I uploaded them earlier.

sounds good to me. 

(or maybe rather the best we can do right now. thinking further I do think 
we should have staging areas for these kinds of uploads. we (debian) also 
have a similar problem regularily with linux uploads.)

> Regarding the DLAs. I plan to release a DLA per upload (one DLA for clamav
> and one for each reverse dependency). Announcing all five uploads under a
> single DLA seems a bit messy to me.

sounds good to me.


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