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Re: ClamAV update in jessie


> thanks, something in that order of magnitude is ok...

Ack, I have prepared updates for clamav and the four reverse dependencies,
currently testing them.

This is going to be my first time organizing a transition in
jessie-security, so a few things are still unclear to me.

Obviously clamav should be uploaded first. This will, however, break the
reverse dependencies, i.e. they should be uploaded as soon as possible
after clamav.

I plan to upload reverse dependencies as soon as all clamav builds
succeeded and clamav binary packages are available in the archive. I don't
think they would build if I uploaded them earlier.

Regarding the DLAs. I plan to release a DLA per upload (one DLA for clamav
and one for each reverse dependency). Announcing all five uploads under a
single DLA seems a bit messy to me.

Any comment?


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