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Re: ruby-mini-magick

Hello Brian,

On 25 Sep 2019 16:42:39, Brian May wrote:
> Hello All,
> I just noticed I can't build ruby-mini-magick in Jessie,
> required for a security update.
> expected no Exception, got #<MiniMagick::Error: Command ("identify
> -quiet -ping /tmp/mini_magick20190925-3686-3v99mo.psd") failed:
> {:status_code=>1, :output=>""}> with backtrace:
> Problem seems to be that the identify command, from
> imagemagick fails when supplied a *.psd file:
> # identify /tmp/tigerpsdfmt.psd ; echo $?
> 1
> This same command with the same file works on stretch.
> Any ideas?

Whilst I recently claimed ruby-mini-magick from the list,
I did a little research on the same.

Here are my findings:

I guess the original version of ruby-mini-magick and the imagemagick in
Jessie were working fine together. However, something messed up in
imagemagick later on (not yet sure what it was).
Following the upstream commits from 2014, 2015, and 2016, I found out that
they removed PSD tests and the usage of TIFF in these commit[1][2] (just
after the release of the version in Jessie) because imagemagick stopped
supporting it by default from 6.9.0.
However, the version of imagemagick in Jessie is So I
guess that should work but given the additional "deb8u17", I suspect
something changed there which fails the ruby-mini-magick's test.
Furthermore, PSD is a proprietary piece of software and that test
doesn't really help us in checking anything important either.
Neither does TIFFs (from specs).

Thus, I don't think we actually need that here and can be safely
disabled/patched because of the above reasons.

Looking forward to your suggestions and opinions.
I'd be happy to complete this and upload the same if it's fine
by everyone.

[1]: https://github.com/minimagick/minimagick/commit/254ab7b06cfeb520918381fea6efe37b2a955ce7#diff-3bb5ea059ab3c1c6dbccd241014d50b2
[2]: https://github.com/minimagick/minimagick/commit/310dd98a32520fb4cadbdb5527bd776489d34b3c#diff-2d76fb5dce3205e175fbd79837d203c5

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