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Re: clamav triage (updated via -updates)

Hi Holger and Moritz,

> > What is this -updates mechanism? I might have missed something, does clamav
> > have an auto-update mechanism?
> It's what used to be volatile some years ago. ClamAV is only getting updated
> via -updates as it can't reasonably be part of a regular stable release; new
> malware signatures provided via FreshClam sometimes require new engine features
> so it needs to be kept up with current upstream. It's still present on the
> install media, but the idea is that by means of -updates it's ensured that
> always the latest version is present without waiting for the next point release.

Thanks your answer. I suppose that buster and stretch will be upgraded to
the latest upstream release when the definitive patch will be available for
this issue. I will then backport the same changes to jessie.


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