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Re: rssh security update breaks rsync via Synology's "hyper backup"

El 18/02/2019 a las 18:27, Russ Allbery escribió:
> While I agree that using undocumented features of rsync is a little
> dubious, I'm also willing to include a fix to allow the specific command
> line "rsync --server --daemon <path>" since (a) it seems to be safe, (b)
> looks easy enough to do, and (c) my only goal with rssh at this point is
> to keep it working through the stable support period, so I'm not too
> worried about the long-term maintenance burden of one-off hacks like that.
> I should be able to do this later today.
> Does this plan sound good to everyone?  I'll follow up with the proposed
> diffs for stable and oldstable.

If you want, shoot me with a .deb I could install in oldstable in order
to test the "rsync --server --daemon" fix.



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