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Re: rssh security update breaks rsync via Synology's "hyper backup"

Hi Roman,

the security team is not responsible for Debian LTS, I've thus added 
debian-lts@lists.d.o to the mail recipients, so that they become aware
of your issue.

On Thu, Feb 14, 2019 at 06:06:34PM +0100, Roman Medina-Heigl Hernandez wrote:
> Hi security-fellows,
> I applied recent rssh security updates to Debian 8 (jessie) and I
> noticed that it breaks Synology's "Hyper backup" tool (with rsync method).
> The relevant log lines at my Debian server:
> Feb 10 03:28:21 roman rssh[19985]: cmd 'rsync' approved
> Feb 10 03:28:21 roman rssh[19985]: insecure rsync options in rsync
> command line!
> Feb 10 03:28:21 roman rssh[19985]: user synology attempted to execute
> forbidden commands
> Feb 10 03:28:21 roman rssh[19985]: command: rsync --server --daemon .
> Is it really unsafe to issue a "rsync --server --daemon ." command so it
> deserves to be blocked?`
> PS: OS info:
> root@roman:~# cat /etc/debian_version
> 8.11
> root@roman:~# dpkg -l rssh           
> Deseado=desconocido(U)/Instalar/eliminaR/Purgar/retener(H)
> |
> Estado=No/Inst/ficheros-Conf/desempaqUetado/medio-conF/medio-inst(H)/espera-disparo(W)/pendienTe-disparo
> |/ Err?=(ninguno)/requiere-Reinst (Estado,Err: mayúsc.=malo)
> ||/ Nombre                                Versión                
> Arquitectura            Descripción
> +++-=====================================-=======================-=======================-================================================================================
> ii  rssh                                  2.3.4-4+deb8u2         
> amd64                   Restricted shell allowing scp, sftp, cvs, svn,
> rsync or rdist
> PS2: I'm not suscribed to LTS-list, but I guess the problem may be both
> in stable and oldstable versions.
> Cheers,
> -Román


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