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Re: Backports LTS security support

On Fri, 08 Feb 2019, Paul van der Vlis wrote:

> Op 08-02-19 om 15:29 schreef Alexander Wirt:
> > On Fri, 08 Feb 2019, Paul van der Vlis wrote:
> > 
> >> Hello,
> >>
> >> I would like to have LTS support for backports. On most systems I use
> >> one or more packages from backports.
> >>
> >> When the same version of a package is in use in the next version of
> >> Debian, I guess backporting them is -in most cases- not a big problem.
> >>
> >> I am interesting if it would be a good idea to ask maintainers in the
> >> freeze-phase to put the same versions in stable-backports, if the
> >> package is in backports.
> >>
> >> Maybe we could say somewhere in the future: LTS supports backports, but
> >> only when the same version of a package is in the next Debian version.
> >> With some exceptions.
> >>
> >> Maybe I could do something myself by asking maintainers to update
> >> packages what are in backports, but with another version then in
> >> testing. Good idea?
> >
> > We had this, no one cared about it, we asked for it and no one was
> > interested. 
> I guess, somebody should work on it. Write e-mails etc.
> I care about it, and I guess more people do.
> When I write an e-mail to a DD and ask for a newer backport, most DD's
> are very friendly and like to do that.
> I generally think it's a good thing to have the same packages in
> backports as in testing.
> > Therefore for backports.d.o this is currently a no-go. 
> I ask for it in the Debian-LTS list, not in de backports list.
Thats fine, I just wanted to write an official backports statement. Otherwise
the next will say: ask on the backports mailinglist. 

> Maybe backports should remove packages what are removed from testing.
> Or where the version is not the same as in testing (after some time).
We usually do that.  


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