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concerns about the security reliability of python-gnupg


Recently, python-gnupg was triaged for maintenance in Debian LTS, which
brought my attention to this little wrapper around GnuPG that I'm
somewhat familiar with.

Debian is marked as "vulnerable" for CVE-2019-6690 in Jessie and Stretch
right now, with buster and sid marked as fixed, as you can see here:


I'm concerned about the security of this project in general. Even though
that specific instance might be fixed, there are many more bad security
practices used in this project. A fork was created by Isis Agora
Lovecruft to fix those issues:


Those patches were not merged back upstream, which is disputing isis'
claims. The security issues found in the upstream package are partly
documented here:


I am concerned that fixing only this specific CVE will give users a
false sense of security, as many more similar issues might be lurking in
the code. Having, myself, dealt with writing such a library (lesson
learnt: don't do that), I can confirm it is very hard (if not
impossible) to properly talk with GnuPG in a reasonable way. There is
now a constant flow of vulnerabilities coming out that outline commonly
made mistakes when trying to talk the line dialog with GnuPG. For


I suspect many such issues could be identified formally in the
python-gnupg package.

But maybe, instead, we should just mark it as unsupported in
debian-security-support and move on. There are few packages depending on
it, in jessie:

Reverse Depends:
  Dépend: hash-slinger
  Dépend: pyspread

in stretch:

Reverse Depends:
  Casse: gnupg (<< 0.3.8-3)
  Recommande: python-sleekxmpp
  Dépend: pyspread
  Dépend: hash-slinger
  Dépend: goopg
  Dépend: deken

in buster:

Reverse Depends:
  Casse: gnupg (<< 0.3.8-3)
  Dépend: hash-slinger
  Dépend: goopg
  Recommande: python-sleekxmpp
  Dépend: python-rosbag
  Dépend: pyspread

Note that the list is (slowly) growing.

What do people think?


L'adversaire d'une vraie liberté est un désir excessif de sécurité.
                        - Jean de la Fontaine

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