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(E)LTS report for January


During the month of January, I spent 42.5 hours working on LTS on the following

- thunderbird 60.4.0 ESR security update
- tzdata and libdatetime-timezone-perl new releases
- investigated symfony test failures
- policykit-1 security update
- investigated lua vulnerability, which didn't affect old versions present in jessie
- prepared and tested ghostscript security update, called for testing
- firefox-esr and thunderbird 60.5.0 ESR security updates
- spice security update
- libvncserver security update
- prepared and tested rdesktop update to 1.8.4 to fix security issues, talked to
security team to coordinate an update to 1.8.4 in stretch too
- mariadb-10.0 security update
- prepared coturn security update. one of the changes disables a vulnerable
feature, contacted upstream to see if there was a fix for that feature now that
they released a new upstream version
- postgis security update
- CVE triaging

I also spent 6h on ELTS:

- tzdata and libdatetime-timezone-perl new releases
- php5/libgd2 review
- spice security update
- libsndfile security update
- triaging


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