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RFC / Call for testing: ghostscript


There is a vulnerability in ghostscript that allows maliciously crafted files to
bypass the sandbox and execute arbitrary code:


I would be wary of backporting the fix to our old version of ghostscript as the
code has changed quite a lot and we would need to analyze which operators could
be exploited and there's a risk that we would miss some (see how it took
upstream several attempts to come up with a complete fix for all possible cases).

Debian stretch has updated to the last upstream version that contains a fix (and
updated to newer versions in the past too), so did Ubuntu even back to 14.04,
and SuSE. No update for RedHat 7 yet, but they ship gs 9.07 so it'd be
interesting to see what they do.

For now I have prepared and tested a 9.26a backport to jessie. The diff is huge
but given the above I'm not too wary of shipping this. It's worked for me, both
building some libgs-dev rdeps, and testing libgs to render some PS files. As for
dependencies, it no longer uses Jasper (not supported by upstream anymore) and
uses openjpeg2 instead. There's also a new dependency on libexpat.

I have pushed the updated packages to:


I would appreciate some testing and/or feedback.


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