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Re: Review and testing phpmyadmin for Jessie LTS

Hi Lucas,

> I uploaded version 4.2.12-2+deb8u4 of phpmyadmin to:
> https://people.debian.org/~kanashiro/jessie_lts/phpmyadmin/
> It has patches fixing CVE-2018-19968 and CVE-2018-19970. I did not have
> the time to determine whether jessie is affected by CVE-2018-19969
> (requested by sunweaver), I did some superficial investigation with no
> confirmation yet. This month I'll not have enough time to continue the
> investigation.
> I'd appreciate some review and testing, specially related to
> CVE-2018-19968, the debdiff is attached if it helps.

will have a look later today, thanks !


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