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October Report


Here is my LTS report for October.

I was allocated 10 hours. I have spent all of them in the following

* openjpeg2:

  Reproduce, analyse and patch CVE-2017-17480 (still under review by

  Reproduce and perform in-depth analysis of CVE-2018-5727, but decide
  to stop investigations after a few hours:

      This security issue is triggered by what I assume to be a corner case
      of the JPEG2000 standard. Unfortunately the official JPEG2000 ISO/ITU
      standard is not public (available for sale[0] on the ISO website,
      fairly pricey). Without access to the standard, determining the right
      behavior of the openjpeg2 library for this kind of corner cases is
      significantly more difficult.

      I have published the result of my investigations on the upstream bug
      report along with my questions. If I get an answer then I'll continue
      my investigations. Otherwise, unless someone else wants to take over,
      I suggest to wait for upstream to address this issue.

  Start to work on a patch for CVE-2018-18088.

  It is almost certain that I will come up with a patch for CVE-2018-18088
  so I decided to delay the openjpeg2 upload until all patches are ready
  and reviewed.

* 389-ds-base:

  CVE-2018-14648: prepare security update, test and upload it (DLA-1554-1).

  Regression: Tracker contained pointers to patches causing crash regression.
  Prepare regression update, test and upload it (DLA-1554-2).

* liblivemedia:

  Take a look at CVE-2018-4013, looks like a remote code execution issue
  to me, worth fixing. Start to develop a patch following upstream's
  information, should be uploaded next month.

The increased number of assigned hours next month should allow me to
finish the patches currently in development and focus again on libav to
find a definitive solution to the lack of maintainance until now.

Best Regards,

[0] https://www.iso.org/standard/70018.html

                Hugo Lefeuvre (hle)    |    www.owl.eu.com
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