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Re: last call for wheezy updates and remaining work for transition


As for my work:

> lame (Hugo Lefeuvre)
>   NOTE: 20180529: Tested patch ready for upload. Waiting for feedback from the security team.
>   NOTE: See https://lists.debian.org/debian-lts/2018/05/msg00081.html

As said, I'm waiting for the security team to review the patch. It will
most likely be included in the last Jessie point update, and I will send
the Wheezy update as part of ELTS.

> libav (Hugo Lefeuvre)
>   NOTE: 20180118: Diego Biurrun (from the libav team) was working on patches, but encountered personal issues and had to stop.
>   NOTE: 20180118: It is unlikely that he will start again in the next weeks.
>   NOTE: 20180118: I am currently working on CVE triage but I will not be able to process the whole backlog until May.
>   NOTE: 20180529: Help is welcome, feel free to mail Hugo. Still up-to-date. Help needed for CVE triage and patch development.
>   NOTE: 20180529: Just contacted some of the CVE reporters to ask for the reproducers, CC-ed team ML.

I have always been working on both Wheezy and Jessie at the same time,
so Wheezy EOL isn't going to change much here. Though, I'd really like a
better libav support for Jessie. I have made a list of things that
didn't work very well in Wheezy and which I'd like to improve for Jessie
LTS. I'll communicate about it in a separate e-mail.

> ming (Hugo Lefeuvre)
>   NOTE: 20180529: wip, currently working on it with upstream. Lots of fuzzing noise,
>   NOTE: many duplicate issues. I'm currently working on the next upload, which will fix
>   NOTE: another batch of CVEs. It will most likely not be ready until Wheezy EOL, but I
>   NOTE: will upload it for ELTS.

I am working on a last batch of security fixes here. I will not have
time to finish them until Wheezy EOL, though. I guess they will be part
of ELTS.

> >From what I understand, the next steps here are:
>  1. send the announcement (tomorrow, markus?)
>  2. ensure the infrastructure team is ready for the new LTS
>  3. contact the FTP team to give LTS users 4 weeks grace period
>  4. contact the rel team to coordinate the last jessie release
>  5. update wiki pages
> That's more or less verbatim from from:
> https://wiki.debian.org/LTS/Development#Switching_to_the_next_LTS_release

I was really busy these last weeks and didn't have much time to take
part to Wheezy EOL organization. Thank you all for that great work !


             Hugo Lefeuvre (hle)    |    www.owl.eu.com
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