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Re: last call for wheezy updates and remaining work for transition

On 30/05/18 17:51, Antoine Beaupré wrote:
> So wheezy is EOL starting from tomorrow, as will probably be announced
> then.
> This brings the question of whatever happens to the pending work in
> dla-needed.txt, which is probably at an all time lowest size. Here's the
> whole thing, for the record:

Whatever isn't done by EOL can be taken to ELTS (if supported there). And it
either gets dropped from here or possibly kept if it's relevant for jessie.

As for my bits:

> firefox-esr (Emilio Pozuelo)
>   NOTE: 20180525: We will need an update to Firefox ESR 60 in jessie once 52 goes EOL.
>   NOTE: 20180525: This needs some backports (llvm, rustc, cargo) which need some work.

This is for jessie, it's here because by the time ESR 60 is out, jessie will be
LTS and will need a DLA. Added here to avoid duplicated work, as I'm already
looking at it.

> openjdk-7 (Emilio Pozuelo)

The new version was just announced today, and I can't jump jessie to not have a
higher version.

> phpmyadmin (Emilio Pozuelo)

I couldn't reproduce this in wheezy or jessie, though the PHP prerequisite is
there. I asked Michal if he had some more details, still waiting for a reply.

> I'm a little surprised there's no change in tooling necessary: we don't
> need to change triage scripts or dla-needed or anything else? I don't
> quite remember how we handled the squeeze/wheezy update, but I was
> assuming we'd need to tweak some stuff in security-tracker/bin/ as
> well.

There shouldn't be much to do here. Some mappings will need to be updated, e.g.
the one in bin/tracker_data.py for lts=jessie, but as Salvatore said that should
happen once jessie becomes LTS later in June (and he will take care of that).


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