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Re: Wheezy update of erlang?

Hi Sergei,

On Wed, 13 Dec 2017, Sergei Golovan wrote:
> > I tried to backport the patch from version 18 for the version that we have
> > in wheezy. The resulting patch is attached. I'm not quite sure that the
> > patch is correct.
> >
> > Can you review it and test it?
> I've tested unpatched version (it's vunerable indeed), and then with your patch,
> and I confirm that it fixes the bug. I used the YAWS web-server with
> HTTPS enabled and https://github.com/robotattackorg/robot-detect as a
> client for testing.
> So I think you can use your patch as is.

Great, thanks for your help! I'll upload the package and release
DLA-1207-1 in a few minutes.

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