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LTS Report for July 2017

For July I spent 19.5 hours on the following:

 - tiff/tiff3: prepared updates 4.0.2-6+deb7u15 (tiff) and
   3.9.6-11+deb7u7 (tiff3), including patches for CVE-2017-9936 and
 - imagemagick: began preparing update 8:, including
   patches for CVE-2017-10928, CVE-2017-11449, CVE-2017-11188,
   CVE-2017-11360, CVE-2017-11525, CVE-2017-11528, CVE-2017-11527,
   CVE-2017-11524, CVE-2017-11530, CVE-2017-11141, CVE-2017-11170,
   CVE-2017-9501, CVE-2017-11478, CVE-2017-11448, CVE-2017-11529,
   CVE-2017-11450, CVE-2017-11523, CVE-2017-10995, CVE-2017-11446,
   CVE-2017-11352, CVE-2017-11531, CVE-2017-11532, CVE-2017-11533,
   CVE-2017-11534, CVE-2017-11535, CVE-2017-11537, CVE-2017-11539,
   CVE-2017-11639, CVE-2017-11640, CVE-2017-11644, CVE-2017-11724,
   CVE-2017-11751, CVE-2017-11752, CVE-2017-12140, CVE-2017-12418,
   CVE-2017-12427, CVE-2017-12428, CVE-2017-12429 (so far; I will
   complete the remaining patches as part of my work in August)



Roberto C. Sánchez

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