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openssh_7.2p2+ availability for wheezy


Can somebody advise if there is any openssh_7.2p2 or newer version available for wheezy? Is there any chance it will find its way into official or backport releases in the upcoming weeks?

We have a server running Wheezy 7.1 running openssh_6.0p1 which we are not ready to rebuild and migrate just yet. We have recently been asked to update openssh to fix all known security vulnerabilities.

I've been trying to build my own openssh_7.4p1 package but due to complexity and/or lack of experience I've been banging my head against errors for days.

Even if I eventually manage to build it I wouldn't be able to guarantee its quality.
I'm also concerned about side effects of installing it.

Please advise if there is any better alternative before I continue with that.


Which of the lists is most suitable for this kind of thread?

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