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LTS Activity report for July 2017

during July I worked 10 of the allocated 10 hours on LTS. During this
time I did the following:

- fix CVE-2017-11103 (Orpheus' Lyre) in heimdal resulting in DLA-1027-1
- look at CVE-2017-11103 in samba4 (not affected)
- test new bind9 packages prepared by Thorsten Altenholz
- one week of CVE triage during LTS frontdesk
- update the qemu package with the patches we have in qemu-kvm already
  and release this as DLA-1035-1
- triage new QEMU CVEs and push patches to [1] for some of them

 -- Guido

[1]: https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/users/agx/qemu-kvm.git/

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