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Re: Firefox ESR large text file rendering problem

On 5/25/17, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort <pochu@debian.org> wrote:
> What about your 52 builds? Were those built against GTK+ 2 or 3?

I have tried both. Also tried different compiler versions,
different optimization levels, with and without jemalloc.

firefox-52.1.2 compiled on Debian-7 "wheezy" GTK+ 3 ==> FAIL
firefox-52.1.2 compiled on Debian-8 "jessie" GTK+ 3 ==> FAIL

Jari Ruusu  4096R/8132F189 12D6 4C3A DCDA 0AA4 27BD  ACDF F073 3C80 8132 F189

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