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May Report

In May I spent all my 10 hours on the following tasks:

* Fix broken chroots, that had a broken /dev/ptmx symlink pointing to
  /dev/pts/ptmx - which has the wrong permissions and was causing
  problems with some packages. Was worried that broken chroot might be
  reason Heimdal was failing to build correctly - but not the case.

* Retry Jessie security update. Tests still don't pass. Continuing is
  risky, likely to cause breakage for what is a security issue that is
  unlikely to affect many (if any) people.

* Write email to debian-lts describing issues in XBMC.

* potrace - try to isolate changes for security fix without success.

* mysql-connector-python - review security issue and report to
  debian-lts mailing list.

* Various other packages looked at without any notable comments to make

Brian May <brian@linuxpenguins.xyz>

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