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LTS report for April


Last month I was allocated 16h and carried over 3.5h from the previous month.
I spent 17.5h doing the following:

- tzdata/libdatetime-timezone-perl: updated to 2017b.
- libxslt: investigated issue, no-dsa.
- firefox-esr: updated to 45.9.0esr
- firefox-esr 52: sent patches to maintainers for wheezy support.
- libvpx: continued work from previous month, ended up marking them no-dsa after
discussing it with carnil
- libreoffice: took over Balint/Rene's work, backported missing code and
released update
- chicken: released update
- libcroco: released update
- mysql-5.5: tested and sponsored updated package
- batik: investigated issue, not much information at this point
- briefly tested jasper update
- rtmpdump: released update
- freetype: released update
- weechat: released update


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