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Re: asterisk_1.8.13.1~dfsg1-3+deb7u5_i386.deb / wheezy lts

On 15.01.2017 12:29, Brad Barnett wrote:
> Hey all,
> Found this post in the archives.  Just subscribed.
> re: asterisk_1.8.13.1~dfsg1-3+deb7u5_i386.deb
> This version of Asterisk results in an immediate SIP termination in
> almost all circumstances.  EG, Asterisk simply drops the call.
> I did some SIP debugging, yet didn't see any reason for the remote to
> drop the call.  A reversion to u4 immediately resolved the issue.
> Happy to provide full, scrubbed sip debug.. and testing, but I'll need to
> schedule downtime time to do that.

Hello Brad,

thank you for your offer. I have applied two patches for +deb7u5,
CVE-2014-2287.patch and CVE-2016-7551.patch. You could try to remove one
of the patches and rebuild Asterisk and test with your setup again. This
should enable us to narrow the issue down. If this is a burden for you,
I could also provide two different sets of binary packages.

There should also be some sort of error message in /var/log/asterisk. Do
you see something suspicious?



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