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Re: nvidia-graphics-drivers 304.134 proposed packages for wheezy-lts

On 2017-01-10 17:38, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Andreas Beckmann wrote:
>> I've prepared a new upstream release of the proprietary nvidia graphics
>> driver for wheezy-lts. This will fix several security bugs:
> Do you have a debdiff handy...?  (Or, better still, diffoscope output.)

source and binary diffs are now available at

this contains a lot of packaging changes backported from jessie/stretch
to keep the package in sync with jessie+ and the legacy variants and
therefore maintainable (I'm especially happy to finally get rid of our
manually maintained conftest.h, that had to be updated for each new
upstream release)
these packaging updates were just accepted in jessie-pu as well


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