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nvidia-graphics-drivers 304.134 proposed packages for wheezy-lts


I've prepared a new upstream release of the proprietary nvidia graphics
driver for wheezy-lts. This will fix several security bugs:

  * New upstream legacy 304xx branch release 304.134 (2016-12-14).
    * Fixed CVE-2016-8826.  (Closes: #848195)
  * New upstream legacy 304xx branch release 304.132 (2016-09-26).
    * Fixed CVE-2016-7382, CVE-2016-7389.  (Closes: #846331)

Proposed packages (amd64, i386) are available for testing at


It would be great if wheezy users of the 304xx legacy driver could test
these packages and give some feedback. The Debian NVIDIA Maintainers
don't have the hardware any more that runs with this old driver series.



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