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LTS Report for November 2016


In this month I was allocated 11h, which I spent doing the following:

- DLA-700-1: libxslt: fixed heap overread bug
- DLA-702-1: tzdata: updated for the 2016i release
- DLA-703-1: libdatetime-timezone-perl: updated for the 2016i release
- DLA-704-1: openjdk-7: backported version in experimental to fix several
- DLA-712-1: gst-plugins-bad0.10: removed unsafe NSF plugin; fixed exploit in
vmnc decoder
- DLA-725-1: tzdata: updated for the 2016j release
- DLA-726-1: libdatetime-timezone-perl: updated for the 2016j release
- DLA-727-1: gst-plugins-good0.10: started to backport upstream patches to fix
the flic/flx plugin, but the upstream patches basically rewrite the code using
some newer APIs from GStreamer 1.0 not available in GStreamer 0.10. In the end
and after talking to an upstream developer, I decided to remove the plugin as
was done in DLA-712-1 and in the jessie update.
- DLA-xxx-1: firefox-esr: started with the 45.5.0 update, and midway through it
45.5.1 was released, so released that instead. (Packages uploaded, will send a
DLA later once they are built.)


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