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Re: libarchive12: ldconfig warns that libarchive.so.12 is not a symbolic link

Version: 3.0.4-3+wheezy4

On 19/09/16 17:58, Jonas Meurer wrote:
> Hello Bruce,
> Am 19.09.2016 um 14:47 schrieb Bruce Toll:
>> I reported a bug with the recent (Sept. 10) libarchive12 security update
>> (Debian BTS 838243) and heard back from Andreas Henriksson that I should
>> reach out to the package uploader and Debian LTS team directly.
>> I appreciate the great work that you and the LTS team are doing to keep
>> wheezy secure. The issue seems fairly minor and is described in the bug
>> tracker, https://bugs.debian.org/838243. Thanks!
> Thanks for your bugreport. Indeed, it looks like, something went wrong
> with the build of libarchive12 3.0.4-3+wheezy3 on amd64. For the other
> supported archs, everything seems fine.
> I suspect that this is due to me building the amd64 binaries inside a
> virtualbox VM with the build directory mounted as vboxsf share mount.
> Apparently, symlinks get screwed up up on vboxsf mounts.
> Another LTS update of libarchive is underway anyway, Emilio Pozuelo
> Monfort is working on it. I suggest to wait until his upload, which will
> fix the bug (except if he builds on a vboxsf share as well) :)

Heh, I didn't. Sorry for the delay, but this is finally fixed. I forgot to
mention this in the new DLA. I don't think sending another announcement is
needed, as this was only causing a warning, but things were still working fine.
Let me know if that was not the case and we can send a regression announcement.


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