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Re: [Pkg-privacy-maintainers] mat bug #826101 in Wheezy (embeded images in PDFs)

Hi intrigeri,

On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 07:31:42AM -0500, intrigeri wrote:
> Hi,
> Jonas Meurer:
> > Am 22.09.2016 um 09:48 schrieb intrigeri:
> > As you might have noticed: I finally uploaded mat 0.3.2-1+deb7u1 to
> > wheezy-security, disabling PDF support alltogether.
> Thanks!
> >> For Jessie (and wheezy-backports), I wanted to wait a bit first to
> >> give Julien (upstream) some time to fix the problem without disabling
> >> PDF support, and in a way that we can backport to (at least) Jessie.
> >> If there's no upstream fix available within a month from now, then
> >> I agree we should go ahead and do that in Jessie too. Julien, any ETA?
> > Given that Julien didn't reply to your mail yet and it doesn't seem like
> > a proper fix (e.g. a solution to anonymize metadata of embedded images
> > in PDFs) is underway, I suggest to go ahead with the dirty - but secure
> > - solution to disable PDF support at mat in Jessie as well.
> OK. I'd like to wait until the deadline I've set for Julien has been
> reached (that's in 11 days now), and then I can handle it either via
> DSA or jessie-pu, as the security team prefers.

Can you please address the issue by proposing an update via jessie-pu.

Thanks already and regards,

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