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Re: [Pkg-privacy-maintainers] mat bug #826101 in Wheezy (embeded images in PDFs)


Jonas Meurer:
> Am 22.09.2016 um 09:48 schrieb intrigeri:
> As you might have noticed: I finally uploaded mat 0.3.2-1+deb7u1 to
> wheezy-security, disabling PDF support alltogether.


>> For Jessie (and wheezy-backports), I wanted to wait a bit first to
>> give Julien (upstream) some time to fix the problem without disabling
>> PDF support, and in a way that we can backport to (at least) Jessie.
>> If there's no upstream fix available within a month from now, then
>> I agree we should go ahead and do that in Jessie too. Julien, any ETA?

> Given that Julien didn't reply to your mail yet and it doesn't seem like
> a proper fix (e.g. a solution to anonymize metadata of embedded images
> in PDFs) is underway, I suggest to go ahead with the dirty - but secure
> - solution to disable PDF support at mat in Jessie as well.

OK. I'd like to wait until the deadline I've set for Julien has been
reached (that's in 11 days now), and then I can handle it either via
DSA or jessie-pu, as the security team prefers.

Julien: if you think you won't have time to fix this within 10 days,
please let us know so we don't wait for you :)


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