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Re: version number when packaging a new upstream release


On Mon, 03 Oct 2016, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> > I'd suggest to use 6:0.8.18-1+deb7u3 because it's the third update of
> > that package within Debian 7.
> The version number should not depend on whether 0.8.18 was ever
> in unstable.

Where do you get that rule from?

There's lots of bikeshedding going on here and while the various
commenters have some reason justifying their choice, there's no
perfect choice. We have multiple possibilities that all respect
the simple rules that the archive requires...

That's why I consider that anytime that we will not have any conflict
we should just use "<upstream>-1" and if we fear that the same upstream
version will be used in multiple releases (for example if wheezy/jessie
have the same upstream version), then we add the required "simili-backport
suffix" making it "<upstream>-1~deb7u1".

But it's also fine if we want to use -1~deb7u1 directly just to show that
this is an oldstable update.

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