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September Report

This month I had 12.25 hours and I spent my 12.25 hours on the following

* Further chicken investigations.
* Further work with matrixssl. Tried to reproduce vulnerability.
* Add --unassigned option to find-work.
* Updates to wiki documentation. In particular, add documentation on the Debian
  Security Tracker.
* Fix autotrace CVE-2016-7392 issue with overwriting past end of allocated
  buffer due to insufficient memory allocated.
* Researched mysql-5.5 CVE-2016-6662.
* Researched tiff / tiff3 CVE-2015-7554 / CVE-2016-5318.
* Start patching graphicsmagick for various security issues.

During this period I had difficulty finding work to do on security
fixes, so I spent time on updating other bits and pieces (as described
above) instead.

Next month I imagine I will continue with the graphicsmagick work.
Brian May <brian@linuxpenguins.xyz>

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