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Re: Questions regarding MySQL update

On 14.09.2016 04:50, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:
> Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

Maybe you should contact Dawid Golunski who published the advisory and
ask him to clarify the issue. As I understand it CVE-2016-6662 is fixed
in version 5.5.52 which is confirmed by the official changelog in my
opinion. [1]
The fixed issues described in there match what is written in the
security advisory from Dawid. We can only be sure when Oracle will
release the next CPU in October and the CVEs will be referenced but I
don't think we need to wait for that to happen.



[1] https://dev.mysql.com/doc/relnotes/mysql/5.5/en/news-5-5-52.html

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