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Questions regarding MySQL update

I was looking over the dla-needed.txt entries and saw that mysql-5.5 was
in need of a DLA, so I claimed it.  However, before I begin preparing
the update, I thought I would ask a couple of questions to ensure that I
understand clearly what needs to be done.

Looking at the PTS and the history of the package, it looks like new
upstream releases are uploaded as security updates.  However, based on
the changelog entries [0], the uploads look very regular.  That is, they
appear to correlate exactly to the quartery CPU releases from Oracle.
That said, the "Should be fixed ASAP" note in dla-needed.txt is what
prompted me to claim the package and start doing some research.

That said, should I go ahead and start preparing an update or is it
necessary to wait for the quarterly CPU release from Oracle that gets
turned into the stable security update and then package based on that?
Is there any special coordination required for the stable security



[0] http://metadata.ftp-master.debian.org/changelogs//main/m/mysql-5.5/mysql-5.5_5.5.50-0+deb8u1_changelog

Roberto C. Sánchez

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